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Who We Are

We Are More Than a Gym

We are a group of individuals who take a high level of responsibility for our lives and our results. We start with health because we believe that acquiring the discipline to move your body and achieving your physical goals is the start, but we don't stop there. Our desire is to become the best versions of ourselves so that we can better serve our families, or communities, and the world.
On the surface Prosper Bradenton looks like a gym, but if you look closer, you will find a group of people committed to their community, thinking of ideas to make the world a better place in many areas of life. We desire to have great relationships, achieve great achievements, and leave this place better than we found it.
We love to celebrate greatness and we can't wait to celebrate you.


Our Bootcamps are geared towards maximizing every minute of people's busy days so that "having no time" is no longer an excuse. You will become physically and mentally strong.


We are committed to investing in the next generation so that they learn the mental and physical skills to thrive in this competitive world. Recess is a bootcamp geared towards youngsters.


s we have mentioned before, Prosper wants to strengthen in the mind and the body. Our yoga classes are focused on mindfulness and mental strength.


Join our community efforts to help our community be vibrant and prosperous. Stay tuned to our upcoming events!

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