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After years of growing gyms, working with athletes from around the world, and motivating business owners and professionals, Ray Gardner has become a premiere coach, motivator and speaker.

Ray's entire mantra can be summed up in this one phrase:


Ray's Story

Over years of trial and error, Ray has carved out a niche for his unmatched exuberance & contagious motivation. He has fallen in love with motivating people to accomplish their goals, whatever they may be, from personal development & business success to fitness & nutritional. Ray is truly unmatched in his ability to motivate and push people towards their best self.

But Ray’s Ramblings was not born over night. It took a life of dedication, that never-give-up type of attitude. It took bumps and bruises, but all of that has made Ray who he is today.

Places Ray has spoken at

  • TEDx Bradenton
  • The Center @ Anna
  • Maria Island
  • School Board
  • Lesly Reality
  • Minnesota State College
  • Bethany College in West Virginia
  • Livonia ClarenceVille Highschool
  • St. Stephens High School
  • Lululemon Florida Regional Stores
  • Manatee Highschool
  • SouthEastern High
  • Lennar Homes
  • Allstate
  • 9 Best man speeches!!
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