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Ray Gardner

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My Name is Raymond Lee Dion Gardner

Why am I so obsessed with people prospering????? Easy Question for me to answer!

First off, Prosper Bradenton doesn’t have the word gym in it, it also doesn’t have my name. Prosper is about developing people mentally, physically and spiritually, so it’s bigger than a gym and myself.

Growing up in Detroit, playing sports was the only way of creating value among the people in the community. Being one of the smallest players on the football team, I was always overlooked despite being extremely skilled. Everyone said I was too small, and it was extremely difficult to get opportunities. Believing in myself and my work ethic allowed me to get and capitalize on every opportunity I earned. Despite earning All State Honors and playing in college, I often wondered how far I would have went if I simply had someone believe in my through the process? So I always wanted to be a shot of encouragement for anyone thats putting in the work to become a better version of themselves. Throughout my career of being an athletic director, Speaker, Actor and Trainer, serving as a shot of encouragement holds as a vital characteristic. Lastly, My dad was murdered in 2009… To this day I have no video of him, so I often forget what he even sounds like. It was at his funeral where I decided I would make a Martin Luther King Type of impact in this world. In the process, I would also document it so my son would never have to worry wondering what I sound like. Also, I want him to understand what I stood for, and how work ethic and kindness is essential to being a Gardner!

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