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Trish Lampi



If the actual certification date is what counts then 2014 however my desire for training started while playing sports at a young age. Even though being naturally athletic, there was a lot more that needed to be done to be good and make it, to be a collegiate athlete. To this day I remember sitting the bench for the whole entire game as a high school athlete on the girls basketball team.

I just kept saying in my head what can I do to get into that game! Obviously with trails and triumphs along the way a lightbulb went off, I said to myself whenever everyone else is sleeping and chilling, I’m going to put in the work. I want to play college basketball no matter what. That same night I ran a 5k once I got home. My mom said what are you doing, you just had a game. Mom, I didn’t play so the only way to get better is to put in the work. So mentally having a positive attitude about getting better and not quitting something I love got me to where I am now mentally, physically and spiritually and I can proudly say I played division 3 basketball and continued to get better to get in the game at the next level.

Max playing time was never a full game but always being ready to go in and always working on getting better made me proud individually and great teammate to inspire others. After graduating college I’ve always inspired and provided a way for people of all ages to succeed. Being an athletic director providing youth and adult sports leagues I always tried my best to provide a safe place where people could build confidence and feel a level of success. With my non stop positive attitude I wanted to help people more so I got into personal training and group fitness coaching. This is why I am obsessed with getting someone to the goal they set!

Prosper simply means being successful so that will look different for everyone. Inspiring, encouraging, and being a part of someone run or walk a 5k for the very first time is breathtaking, the same goes for lifting heavier weights, getting off medicines, coming out of a very dark whole, quitting drugs and alcohol, the list goes on and so does my passion, it just gets stronger everyday because it’s possible and you matter!

What drives me internally are a couple different things:

  • Self love
  • Family
  • People I help

Taking care of myself helps me be a better mom, trainer, and a part of my family overall.To set the example for my family motivates me to show them it takes hard work and dedication to get better but it’s possible and don’t ever stop. The people I help everyday because they are consistent and have goals.

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